General Book Search Tips and Tricks:



    • Keep it Simple: For best results type only the author's last name, or only the main words in the title or publisher or keyword.


    • To browse books by category: Click on one of the Category links at the left. Please note that books may be assigned to more than one category-if you cannot find it in one category, try another.


    • To find more titles: Even if you have already browsed by Category, using a Keyword or Description search will often narrow your results and/or return additional items of interest because each book is assigned multiple Keywords, and multiple descriptive terms will also be included in the description fields.


    • As Keywords are assigned/attributed differently by each person or app, if nothing results from your initial Keyword Search, try searching synonyms, related words or subjects, or alternate spellings and even misspellings (!). It may also be helpful to search for specific words using the "description" field of the search box.


    • Check back to search frequently as new inventory is added on an ongoing basis.