About Books and Book Collecting

Collecting Books:

We are sharing some links to websites where a wealth of information and resources about books can be found: guides and suggestions for buying, selling and collecting books, identifying first editions, identifying book club editions, author signatures, book search sites, blogs and networking links and other up-to-date "tools of the trade":

Books and Book Collecting offers an amazing collection of sources and information about all things book related. Steve Trussel's site is a classic "must-have" bookmark, as is Glen Larson's "Guide to First Editions" site, which is no longer accessible in its original incarnation. Additional reference material for collectors and book lovers may be found at BookThink.com and at IOBA, the Independent Online Booksellers Association. The  ABAA and ILAB websites have  special pages of book collecting links and an online version of Carter's ABC for Book CollectorsSheppard's Confidential compiles yet more resources and information for book people around the world, in both website and email newsletter forms which feature news, insightful commentary and events for dealers and collectors of secondhand and antiquarian books, ephemera, prints and maps. In addition to news and press releases, Sheppard's provides access to dealer catalogs, auctions, book fairs and festivals, internet directories and a list of available references and "books about books". For finding book sales in your area, BookSaleFinder is a sure bet. Fine Books & Collections magazine and website offers much to book lovers and collectors, including a free e-letter, featured articles, information on special events, and the Gently Mad Blog by Nicholas Basbanes, Fine Books Blog . Another blog site hosting a wealth of informative articles and links to more resources for building your personal collection can be found at The Private Library. The monthly e-zine Biblio Unbound at Biblio.com features a full spectrum of articles on book collecting, as well as aspects of cleaning, repairing, protecting and storage of collectible books and ephemera. An article by Bern Marcowitz and Margot Rosenberg, authors of "The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New" focuses on paperback preservation, and includes "ten book lovers commandments" , applicable to books of all bindings and paper components.


Autographs and Signatures:

Autograph lists are available for your perusal at Books Tell You Why and Tomfolio .


Biblio-ephemera (or, stuff found between the pages):

I think almost all  of us have at one time or another come across assorted flattened curiosities tucked between the pages of books we are reading. Now you can share your discoveries with others in cyberspace if you'd like, or just browse through what others have found. Things Found in Books  contains a gallery of such place-marking oddities and mementos. A blog and e-journal at Bibliophemera focuses on topics about ephemera related to books and their owners such as bookmarks, receipts, bookplates, letters, theatre tickets and the like, with a selection of links for related reading. Do you like to collect unusual, thematic or vintage bookmarks? An engrossing reference site and showcase for all kinds of bookmarks is on exhibit at Mirage Bookmark. An extensive and impressive collection of "bookseller tickets" and trade labels is displayed at Seven Roads . Fine Books Magazine also features an article on bookbinder's tickets and bookseller labels. If you are interested in maps, prints, history and cartography, the collector's page at the International Antiquarian Mapsellers Association is worth a visit. To expand the horizons of your collecting bug even further, a visit to the website of The Collectors Weekly will provide plenty of food for thought.


Fine Bindings and the Art of Books:

 The Bone Folder is an e-journal for bookbinders, book artists and enthusiasts of the craft. The University of Alabama hosts Publishers Bindings Online where you can search the collection, browse the galleries, read essays and avail yourself of the bibliographic resources, teaching and research tools. The University of Rochester Rare Books and Special Collections Department features an exhibit Beauty for Commerce: Publishers' Bindings 1830-1910 .


Displaying Your Special Collections:


Quality crafted pine and mahogany bookstands are available at The Bookstand.

Collection exhibit supplies, mount construction materials, book stands and supports can be found at  BenchmarkCatalog. Supplies available include book mounts, poly strap, padding, pinning, fabric, tools and an assortment of hardware.


Custom book boxes by Jim Arner at Wyoming Mercantile  Handcrafted, custom slip cases, clam-shell boxes (also known as drop-spine, or Solander, boxes), and two-piece boxes, built to house and protect your valuable books, manuscripts, maps, family records, photographs, fine art prints, etc. Boxes are constructed of heavy duty, archival quality book-binder's board, then covered with paper, or cloth, in colors that will complement the items. Paper can range from plain art paper to elaborate marbled paper, and a wide variety of fabrics can be used for the covering. Various leathers also available as covering material. More info, and photos of completed projects can be found here: http://www.wyomerc.com/bookboxes/bookboxes.html