Orchids, Carnivorous Plants, Moss Gardening, Miniature Gardening and Other Resources for Botanists and Specialty Gardeners



In response to popular demand, we try to maintain a varied, current and informative selection of new, used, out-of-print and hard to find books about orchids and orchid culture (just search by keyword: orchid or orchids). 

We are very happy to distribute these special titles on orchid seed propagation techniques:

"Asymbiotic Technique of Orchid Seed Germination" by A. J. Hicks is back in stock in the form of a newly updated and expanded Second Edition, with an entire chapter on symbiotic germination by Scott Stewart.

"The Orchid Seed Germination Manual" by the same author, is also available for purchase at Ravenroost Books and covers much of the same core material in a more concise spiral format.

"Orchid Seed Germination Media. A Compendium of Formulations" By A.J. Hicks, edited by K. Lynn. An authoritative reference containing of over 130 recipes and formulations for growing orchid seeds in vitro.


More sources and information about orchids and orchid culture may be found at the author's site The Orchid Seedbank Project . OSP, founded in 1996, works towards the conservation of orchid species by seed. They archive and sell seeds and flasked seedlings of hundreds of orchid species, along with the materials and information needed to cultivate them.


Miniature Gardening:

Janit Calvo at twogreenthumbs.com  can help you turn your miniature gardening fantasies into magical reality. Author of  "Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World" and the newly released "Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop", Janit Calvo is an award-winning go-to guru for ideas and inspiration, along with a website to provide everything you need to design, build and maintain your mini-garden, fairy garden or terrarium. Choose plant varieties, pathway components and addictive miniature garden accessories to customize and accent your miniature landscapes both indoors and out. Janit and Steve take special care to process your orders promptly and carefully pack your plants and goodies to arrive in perfect condition.


Mosses and Moss Gardening:

Mosses play a special role in our garden landscapes and the ecology of our forests, whether carpeting a woodland floor or dappling a shade garden, garnishing our footpaths, flourishing as earth-friendly lawn space, or enriching our vertical or hanging gardens, miniature gardens, fairy gardens and terrariums. We stock several titles in this area, use search term moss or mosses.

From walkway dressing and tabletop terrariums tominiature gardens, fairy gardens, roofs, walls and mossy lawns, Moss Acres is your one stop source for moss growing education, large and small project ideas, supplies, moss sheets, moss "milkshakes", terrarium kits and companion ferns. 

The Carnivores:

If carnivorous plants are your passion, The International Carnivorous Plants Society is an organization of horticulturists, conservationists, scientists, and educators all interested in sharing knowledge and news of carnivorous plants. Since its founding in 1972, the Society has been an integral part of the carnivorous plant world. Their website is a good resource for carnivourous plant collectors. ICPS is an organization of horticulturists, conservationists, scientists and educators interested in sharing knowledge and news about carnivorous plants. Available are membership information, a newsletter, a seed bank and exchange as well as a web ring, searchable plant name database, FAQs and how-to's. 


Botanical Literature and Web Resources at the New York Botanical Gardens Library  Visit the LuEsther T. Mertz Library for botanical reference, and the bookshop for New York Botanical Gardens Press titles in print. The LuEsther T. Mertz Library is one of the world's largest and respected of botanical and horticultural research libraries, with over one million accessioned items including books, journals, original art and illustration, seed and nursery catalogs, architectural plans of glass houses, scientific reprints, and photographs. Its diverse collections hold irreplaceable materials that date back to the 12th century, as well as electronic resources such as e-journals and searchable research databases.

Plant Information Online, a free search service courtesy of the University of Minnesota Librairies, provides access to sources of locate plant information by plant name (scientific or common name), selected and book and magazine citations to plant information and plant images, and even a search for mail-order retail and wholesale plant nursery locations (USA and Canada). Section of search tips is also provided.

The Seed Site displays a catalog of images of seedpods, seeds and seedlings, arranged alphabetically by scientific name, a very handy resource for seed savers.