A Primer of the History of Mathematics

By: W.W. Rouse Ball

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149 pgs. Very Good condition light green cloth hardcover. Light rubbing to cloth at edges and corners, light general smudging to cloth, binding sound, owner name (Helen M Rice) on front endpaper. Occasional neat checkmarks in margins, text is otherwise clean and unmarked. Text is organized into 346 numerical articles with index at the rear. Contents: I. Introductory; II. Mathematics Under Greek Influence: 1. The Pythagorean, Athenian and Early Schools, 2. Development of (Synthetic) Geometry), 3. The Alexandrian Schools; III. The Mathematics of the Middle Ages: 1. The Rise of Learning in the West, 2. Introduction of Arabian and Greek Works. 3. The Arabic System of Numeration; IV. The Mathematics of the Renaissance: 1. Development of Algebra and Trigonometry, 2. Commencement of the Study of Mechanics; V. The Introduction of Modern Analysis: 1. Analytical Geometry, The Calculus, 2. Application to Mechanics, Gravitation, Etc., 3. Extended Use of Analytical Methods; VI. Mathematics of the Nineteenth Century: 1. Introduction of New Subjects and New Methods, 2. Recent Investigations. Index. #2409.

Title: A Primer of the History of Mathematics

Author Name: W.W. Rouse Ball

Categories: Gift Ideas, Science and Medicine, Non-Fiction, Text and Reference Books, COMPLETE CATALOG,

Edition: Sixth Issue

Publisher: London, Macmillan & Co. Ltd: 1927

Binding: Cloth Hardcover

Book Condition: Very Good

Size: 16mo - 4.25 By 6.75 Inches

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