Electrophoresis. A Survey of Techniques and Applications. Part A. Techniques. [Journal of Chromatography Library Vol. 18]

By: Zdenek Deyl, Ed., With F.M. Everaerts, Z. Prusik, P.J. Svendsen

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xiv. 390 pgs+adv. Very Good condition black cloth hardcover with light wear to cloth at edges and corners, else pristine, tightly bound, unmarked. Sections: 1. Theory of electromigration processes (J. Vacik), 2. Classification of eclectromigration methods (J. Vacik), 3. Evaluation of the results of electrophoretic separations (J. Vacik), 4. Molecular size and shape in electrophoresis (Z. Deyl), 5. Zone electrophoresis (except gel-type techniques and immunoelectrophoresis)(W. Ostrowski), 6. Gel-type techniques (Z. Hrkal), 7. Quantitative immunoelectrophoresis (P.J. Svendsen), 8. Moving boundary electrophoresis in narrow-bore tubes (F.M. Everaerts and J.L. Beckers), 9. Isoelectric focusing (N. Catsimpoolas), 10. Analytical isotachophoresis (J. Vacik and F.M. Everaerts), 11. Continuous flow-through electrophoresis (Z. Prusik), 12. Continuous flow deviation electrophoresis (A. Kolin), 13. Prepearative electrophoresis in gel media (Z. Hrkal), 14. Preparative electrophoresis in columns (P.J. Svendsen), 15. Preparative isoelectric focusing (P. Blanicky), 16. Preparative isotachophoresis (P.J. Svendsen), 17. Preparative isotachophoresis on the micro scale (L. Arlinger). ISBN 0444417214. #2516.